imperfect idealist is a lifestyle blog of a wandering recent college grad. My goal is to write helpful guides based on my personal experience, so that you can run a more prepared race, have a smoother trip, or make the most informed decision about a product. 

Hello, friends! I'm Lily, a 23-year-old lost and confused recent college grad. I went to school at Amherst College, a small liberal arts school Massachusetts, where I studied math and French. I spent the past year in Dijon, France (yes, where the mustard is from haha) where I taught English at the local university. 

I'm currently based in Boston, where I work remotely for a startup's college advice blog. In my spare time, I train for endurance races, cook vegan food, obsessively review everything (I actually have 170+ Google reviews...), and run a romantic tragedy website.

Imperfect Idealist began as a fashion blog in 2010, where I would share my most outlandish outfits (shorts over skinny jeans, anyone?). It's since become a space for race recaps, travel guides, stories on life in France, and everything in between.

So browse about, and let's be friends.

Fast Facts:

Camera: Google Nexus 5x or Nikon D3100 with 50mm f1.8g lens
Photographer: Patient friends, or a phone precariously balancing on a bench/rock/fence and self-timer (more likely than not, this is what happens haha).
Location: Boston, MA. Previous homes include Ohio, Bordeaux, Oxford, and Dijon.


5k--21:52 (Fall 2013)
Half marathon (x7)--1:44:03 (Fall 2015)
Marathon (x3)--3:59:27 (Spring 2019)

Fun Tidbits:

--I'm flexitarian--while I'm not strictly vegetarian or vegan, I eat very little meat and dairy
--I can speak Mandarin pretty fluently but am illiterate; overall, my French has long-surpassed my Chinese
--Hot tea, clean eats, a good read, laughs with friends, and a long run would be my ideal day

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