Imperfect Idealist is a blog documenting the ponderings of a girl with outlandish dreams, too many clothes, and an insatiable hunger for adventure.

Hello, friends! I'm Lily, a 23-year-old lost and confused recent college grad. I went to school in Massachusetts, where I studied math and French. I'm currently in Dijon, France where I teach English at the local university. In my spare time, I train for endurance races, write about my feelings, and run a romantic tragedy website.

What began as a fashion blog in 2010 has become so much more. Imperfect Idealist has become a place where I bare my soul, my deepest thoughts, and the life puzzles that plague me late at night. By writing, I seek not answers, but instead resonance and awakening. Through my photos, I strive to curate a clearer portrayal of the crazy girl behind these equally crazy ideas. 

Sometimes my words don't match my photos, and I'm okay with that. Sometimes my outfits don't match either, and I'm okay with that too. I am a maelstrom of juxtapositions and oddities. I am extremely type A, but the one exception--my mess of a room--says otherwise. 

If the real world is the mystical land beyond the step of a doorway, then I stand in the threshold. Behind me are the sheltered confines of the American suburbs, a traditional Chinese family, and a pretty run-of-the-mill childhood. Before me? Well, I’m still figuring that out. I predict blood, sweat, tears, and--I hope--ultimately triumph, in the form of a fulfilling lifestyle. Will you join me for the ride?

If you think it's a good idea to chop off 13 inches of your hair, set your morning alarm so that the minute is an integer multiple of the hour, tackle endurance races despite a history of injury, try to find platonic friends on Tinder, speak in French spontaneously with friends, then you've found a kindred soul.

Long story short, I'm just another girl trying to figure things out.

So browse about, and let's be friends.

Fast Facts:

Camera: Google Nexus 5x or Nikon D3100 with 50mm f1.8g lens
Photographer: Patient friends, or tripod and self-timer
Location: Dijon, France. Previous homes include Massachusetts, Ohio, Bordeaux, and Oxford.


5k--21:52 (Fall 2013)
Half marathon (x7)--1:44:03 (Fall 2015)
Marathon (x3)--3:59:27 (Spring 2019)

Fun Tidbits:

--I'm flexitarian--while I'm not strictly vegetarian or vegan, I eat very little meat and dairy
--I can speak Mandarin pretty fluently but am illiterate; overall, my French has long-surpassed my Chinese
--Singing Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson in the shower is a favorite pastime; I also have a soft spot for classic hits from the 80s
--Hot tea, clean eats, a good read, laughs with friends, and a long run would be my ideal day

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