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Hello there, and thanks for swinging by! I'm happy you're here and flattered you want to know more about my blog. 

I started imperfect idealist as a wee little middle schooler who wore way too many colors and layers (see this instagram post for reference). Back then, the blog was actually called a burst of color, and I mainly posted outfit shots. 

In high school, I started sharing more personal stories in my posts (crush stories and all LOL), and changed my blog title to imperfect idealist. The blog has followed me ever since, through college in Western Mass, study abroad in Bordeaux and Oxford, and my post-grad teaching fellowship in Dijon. 

Imperfect idealist has never really been a niche blog. I'll post about anything from dumpster diving to banning myself from speaking English. It's really a synthesis of my latest adventures and what I took away from them. What you'll see most often are race recaps, active travel guides, reflections on life in France, and sustainability tips. 

Below, I've compiled some of my favorite posts, organized by category--take a gander and feel free to follow along!


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